Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tape 12

1 Saints - Army Navy
2 Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur - Sigur Rós
3 No Lucifer - British Sea Power
4 Well Water Black - Alias Featuring WHY?
5 It's Too Late - Evermore
6 Stay Positive - The Hold Steady
7 Taking the Farm - The War On Drugs
8 Coles to Newcastles - Beachfield
9 Idyllwild - Trembling Blue Stars
10 TV - The Headlights
11 Jesus Christ I Don't Know - Listening Party
12 About to Walk - Throw Me The Statue
13 Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors - Editors
14 Losing Faith - Patchwork
15 High Lonesom - The Gaslight Anthem
16 Letter From God To Man - Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip
17 All Over This Town - Upper Room
18 Blood - The Middle East
19 Atomik Lust - Super Furry Animals

Side 1

Side 2


  1. Gotta be honest. I don't know most of these bands. I'll need a copy of this tape, Stat.

  2. I agree! I did listen to Saints by Army Navy on their myspace page ( and really liked it. I'm going to try to see if I can find the other songs online too. Also, you can download #4 here ( I bet one could find most of these songs online in some form. Since I'm not likely to get a physical copy of this, if some kind soul emailed me the songs or gave me links to download/listen, I would be most grateful.

  3. I'm going to see if I can upload the file to a file sharing site, but if my internet connection doesn't cooperate, then I will send you a copy of it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I think you guys will like these songs.

  4. Those links worked for me. Hopefull they will work for you all.

  5. They worked for me too. Thanks! Truly you are an Agog among men.