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Orange Juice


60 Minutes Fan Fiction: Part 2

"End of the line!"

The shout of the bus driver startled Andy out of his sleep. He was dreaming of his last newscast and about whether he had thoroughly explained his confusion with why Lady Ga-Gah's poodle didn't have to abstain from meat on Passover. The sun had fallen on this horribly aggravating day. Andy got off and sat on the bus stop bench. He then promptly fell asleep.

The next morning, Andy awoke to bus brakes squeaking. "If I had my 'druthers the New York Public Transit System would fix the wheels on every bus in the city and have them ship Florida oranges up North from Orlando. Then cold and flu season would be a thing of the past." Thought Andy as he boarded the bus.

Determined to stay awake, Andy remained in a standing position behind the driver. "You know you shouldn't have taken a left on 5th Street back there."

"I don't design the routes. The city does. If you have a complaint, write your local representative."…

You Suck At Cooking