Sunday, September 1, 2013

Point-Counter Point: I want my Fucking Nuggets

 Dear Mac Donalds of Toledo,
So I kind came to this MackyD's for breakfast wanting some nuggets. Much to my chagrin, they currently unavailable. I think that not serving chicken nuggets at 6am is terrible business practice. Moreover, it's a crime against humanity. I didn't train for years under master Roshi honing my technique, carefully building my chi powers, and pushing the limits of my mind and body to be denied my fried chicken breast meat nuggets. I would like to formally petition MacDonald's HQ to alter their erroneous ways. Because  at the end of the day, I'm a hard working gal who just wants some chicken titty meat.
Melodi Dushane

Bitch what the hell are you talking about? This is god damn mac donalds not a motherfucking french deli. Lower your damn expectations. You ain't no super sayian. You probably couldn't handle that punk-bitch Radtiz. Calm down. There's a chicken sandwhich that's basically a chicken nugget in an egg mcmuffin. Sit the fuck down and order that. Aw hell no. Did you just bust the window? Woman, your power level so high. I guess we have no choice but to make you chicken nuggets. Not. You can't even Kamhehameha. How do you expect to take on Frieza?
Fuck you.