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Joey's Unreasonable Requests and Demands

I thought I'd bring back Justin's Unreasonable Requests and Demands so today's unreasonable request/demand is this:
When I die someday, if one of you guys outlives me, I need you to chop my body in half then put my top half sticking out of the North Pole and my bottom half sticking out of the South Pole.  Make it happen.

Joey's Bold & Unfounded Claims

I thought I'd bring back Justin's Bold and Unfounded Claims.  Here's one:

The song Southern Accents by Tom Petty is better than any song Lynyrd Skynyrd ever made.

Grass: Pt. 2

When I returned, they were cordial enough and less well-armed.
"Do you have any pot?"
"I do.  I brought some with me."
We broke out my bubbler and my baggie.
"Is this Kind bud?"  They asked.  "And why has your pipe's color not filled in yet?"
"I'm not sure and I just got it."
"I told you we got another head." said Mitch to Jay.
I kept up this charade all summer.
I was by no means poor.  I drove a 2 year old Chevy Prism that I had gotten a really good deal on.  They said I should park behind the house instead of in the front with the neighbors and guests but I never did.  Maybe I liked the barefoot walk down the gravel driveway.  Or maybe I just knew better than to get too comfortable.
Its sad to think about when you're wrong.  At this time I always used to say nothing matters because we are only small bits of life and that ultimately what we said or did is not important considering how vast the universe's expa…