Online Petition 2

Hi all,

I would like you all to sign this petition requesting that Tommy eat a stick of deodorant update the blog with a better layout and cooler graphics. This blog is the only reason Obama won the election.  I mean c'mon man it takes like 10 seconds to load the page as it is now.  Plus it looks like something crapped out on a Tuesday by some sort of amateur.

If we can get at least 100 2 more comments, Tommy says he'll do it. He needs to know for sure that America wants him to. Let me begin:

I, Joey Waalkes, hereby request that Tommy eat a whole stick of deodorant. It's been too long. It doesn't have to be a used stick of deodorant. It just has to be delicious update the blog's aesthetic.  You have been given admin permissions.  Have at it Haas.  I also request that Tommy listen to Knights In White Satin by The Moody Blues while doing this. Thankyouverymuch!


  1. This sounds like a great idea. Our blog design is looking very 1864. And Tommy now is a level 34 image cropper since he defeated Lord Bobby at the Peasant Union 3rd grade photoshopping Olympics.

    I, Phil Waalkes, hereby request that Tommy change his AIM screen name to BibloFrogHermit and update the blog's aesthetic. Also maybe find a better screen name than your actual name (For Example LawnTractorPirate). Also Imma let you finish, Joey, but Matt Bell had the greatest Knights In White Satin Experience of all time. That is all.

  2. It would also be acceptable if Tommy listens to this while doing the updates:

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Agreed! Here here! We need a great blog to make America great again. I, William Reed, being of sound mind and body request that Tommy update the blog aesthetic or eat a stick of deodorant or hump a tree for 60 consecutive minutes or all of the above.

  5. Aww! I bet you say that to all the blogs.

  6. Network Ace's comment counts toward the petition btw. Thanks for you interest in updating the blog Network Ace! I'm sending you an official AIR&RHCC T-Shirt.

  7. And both of those comments count. As does this one. As does Phil's removed post.

  8. If I post a comment with a hanging chad, does that count?

  9. I don't know, Chad is kind of a jerk. Even if he can do 1.5 pull-ups.

    PS. I'm glad we finally have gotten some recognition from a network ace. We did it! This is prime time now!


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