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Syberia: Incomplete/Ambigious Game Endings

So, I recently finished playing the adventure game Syberia, which in general is a beautiful and moving game with strong characters, decent puzzles and a great sense of intrigue and wonder. However, the ending of the game really bothered me. I don't want to give away the ending, so I will leave out the details, but essential the games ends without completing the arch of the story.

In the end, the main character, Kate Walker, comes to a realization and decides to follow the path the game has been leading her down as opposed to deciding to return back to her old life in New York City. None of the mysteries of the game are revealed, the train continues on it's journey and the player is still wondering where the hell do mammoths and Syberia fit in. How is it that movies and computer games are allowed to be considered complete without good endings?

Even if a game is planning to come out with a sequel, I prefer it to tie up the main arch of the story in the first installment. From the…

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Sprite Rewind - Post by 60MintuesTeam

This is totally not worth reading. Stop reading it at any time if you get bored. That being said, here is what I remember on this the 5th anniversary of the summer of 2004. No summer since has been this cool...

The highest I've ever been was the week after the 4th of July 2004. I'm not sure what day it was since I went home every weekend so I missed the 4th in Rockingham County, NC. My housemates shot up illegal fireworks. Someone in the distance shot some up in response. It's as though the whole "neighborhood" was sitting on their porch waiting for something to happen. That's what they did in the county only known for it's NASCAR speedway.
The highest I've ever been was the hookah Toad, Neal, and Jay bought for Mitch on his birthday. I will always remember Toad for his facial scars and redneck dancing prowess. I will always remember Neal as the sensible guy who bought my 5$ piece for 5$ when I left (what's the deal Neal?). I will always remember Ja…

Halloween Playlist Suggestions

Justin, here are some Halloween Playlist suggestions for your consideration:

The regular video for this is BA: