Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Post? Great Job!

As I sit here luking @ my Microsoft, I harcken bak 2 my days as a future ROAD WARRIOR/JANITOR. Custodian, Dik! Sory. NEway, my robodog is telling me its time 2 move on. Wen me Robodog tels me its time 2 muve on its time 2 move on. Hoo am I to Rgu with a talking Dog/Shark/Angry Cowboy. Where wuz I?
I wuz N the bak of my beet up Winna bago dryveeng the doons in search of much Preciouze Huile. This wuz B4 I ditched the Winna bago for a Elektrik Hibrid Shooter Scooter. Don't LAUGH. I get 60 miles 2 tha gallon on that hog! If I had 2 sum up wut it's like in the future, Id have to tell U bout the blud hungry sentinal loan sharks after my starbucks. Well... Lung story shirt, I owe muney all around town includes 2 nown pornographers.
NE way, where wuz I?
Yes, my bycycle. I wuz way faster then my rollarblades EVAN THO it didnot have tha bottle rokits. (sid nowt: bottle rockets R not really maid from bottles, Dick.)
NE way, my robot dog is giting angray at me so I must be frankly. My sinful admission is that N the future FakeBuk has ben replaced with TALKING SEX ROBOTS. Men R from Mars/ Womyn R form Venus/ Talking sex robots R form my naybours bacement.
NE way. AM I from the future? Yes. Without my help NASAW wood never have Nvented Tang/ Space Cheese/ Jolly Good Space Fun Time/ AND / Space Robots maid 2 explore the Outer Reaches of yur IMAGINATION! Also MJ wood never invented the SPACE WALK!!! I know right!!!!!! (add more Excavation Pts {!} for extar Imphasis!) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMPHASIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. U C? Get exited!
NE way, my robot dog wants to kill me. Maybe I should shoot his innertube so his circuits will short out in the pool.
I think this is where Ill conclude this jurney bout tha future. Thanks 2 all of U 4 listen 2 my preaching about THE FUTURE.
Where all tha ladies @?! @ BURGERKING checkin owt all the new BREAKFAST ITEMS!
NE Way, I think this is where Ill conclude this jurney bout the future. U R all vry stoopid.


  1. Wow, the slang of the future is a lot like language of the past. This post reminds me of Hittite with its combination of native Hittite words/grammar and Sumero/Akkadograms. Some things never my underwear.

  2. haha wow the future is bleak. I guess grammar, complete sentences, and vowels are dying out. No one really takes the time to piece together a cohesive sentence anymore due to major ADD and lack of communication skills. It is ironic, as communication means improve, our ability to communicate worsen.