Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SPD Review

After showing a coworker the SPD sites (mainpage, myspace, etc) this was the review he gave:

"Fun stuff - It's like a home brew combination of King Missle, Joe Christmas, Dalek, I Love You, and Crispy Ambulance with Mad Magazine, or a writer for Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) supplying the lyrics. Thanks for passing it on!"

This seems to be the most positive and well informed SPD review ever, at least that wasn't churned out by our propaganda machine.


  1. I hope by "coworker" you mean Mr. Baloonhead maker. When are you going to just come out and say you were one of the major creative forces behind the JAMC. This is why SPD had any credible music isn't it, Justin? Or should I call you Jesus? Or Mary? CONFUSION!

  2. Unfortunately I don't mean "Mr. Baloonhead maker." I wish! As for these alleged allegations, I am not at liberty to disclose all my wheelings and dealings. All I can say is there are a lot of ins and outs and a lot of interested parties. And call me Ishmael...

  3. Wow, thanks the first compliment I have ever heard about SPD that didn't come from Sandy. (Does Martin's mother's drunk laughter count?) I'm kind of flattered.