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My Training for the Next Three Weeks

What's cooler than an indie text-based rpg about composing haikus with voice acting by Christopher Walken?

 That's right: I'm getting a second chance to take my rightful place in Washington so I can play checkers and discuss fatties all day with Mark Rosewater and stare longingly at Randy Buehler's desk, wishing he still worked at Wizards so I could cuddle with him.

Anyway, if I am going to be able to beat the throngs of magic dorks who have backpacks full of cards that they bring with them everywhere they go, I'm thinking I need to do some serious training. How serious? I'm talking Martin beating the Chinese kid at Smash Brothers serious. That's why I need your help to come up with a list a 50 challenges I have to complete in the next three weeks before the contest actually begins. These challenges need to be increasing in difficulty, doable in the 3 week time frame, and difficult enough to prepare me to slay the dragon that is the inevitable magic design t…

Shmistic Shnake + 1

I followed a tutorial for these 2.

Everyone Stop what you are doing and click this link!