Saturday, November 15, 2008

Purple Turkeys: My Anti-Drug

Hello everyone! I'm very happy to be here tonight at Grove Park High School. Go Timid Squids! And I have an important story to tell you about a dark time for my band: Shadow Puppet Disco. Back in the mid-80s, after SPD had achieved world-wide disinterest with the release of our first album, Sewerside Suicide, we were on top of the world and partying every night with groupies and accountants. But slowly my rockstar lifestyle spiraled out of Bolivia and made me unable to play my instruments or sing or get it up. You see, I was sniffing upwards of 20 Bounty Dryer sheets covered in Elmer's glue everyday during that time. I nearly lost my band, my cat, my moped, my lawnmower, my tapeworm farm, my chain of NASCAR-themed seafood restaurants and my dignity, until one faithful day I made a discovery that would save my life.

Well, just when things seemed like they couldn't get any worse, this commercial single-footedly helped me overcome my Elmer's glue and Bounce dryer sheet addiction:

After watching this commercial with my cat, Mister Fluffy McFluffyson, I realized I never needed to use drugs again, because this commercial gave me the same high, the same creativity spark and the same anal leakage of glue and dryer sheets, but without the undesirable side effects. Soon enough, I was bringing groupies and their pets over to watch this commercial on repeat and we had a great time, without drugs. After years of unsuccessful substance abuse treatment and in-patient hospital stays and polar bear wrestling matches, we had discovered that getting high was dumb and this cat food commercial was way more fun.

And our band got back on track too. We released a new album to fantastic critical disregard. Once again we were on top of the world and this time without drugs. So, boys and girls, remember drugs will get you nowhere, but purple turkeys will save your soul. Also, if you encounter the Yeti in a dark Winnipeg alley, ask your grandmother to give it a cracker out of her purse and then it will follow you.


  1. You have heard of the yeti, the abominable snow man. That is of course an animal or the prehuman being that is orignaly one of the shamen's gods. The real name is VanJahngri. That means the shamen of the forest. So, therefore, no one will ever find the yeti in nature because you have to go in trance and then you can find the yeti easily.
    The yeti loves to drink schnapps too, so he's like a real shaman and if you want to contact him you have to put some alcoholic offerings in front of the forest.

  2. I want one of those red sheep. Do you think they sell those at Petsmart? I hear they cure herpes and I've got a bad outbreak.