Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Lost Obama Comic

Resurrected from what could have been lost forever. Now preserved for the enjoyment of future generations!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Home Days for all the Male Elephants

So, in my usual browsing of kickstarter for innovative tabletop tiddlywinks games and celebrity gardening roguelike simulators for Sega Saturn, I came across Mr. Elephant: Home Days. You have all probably wanted to pretend to be an elephant living in a house with little purpose or furniture in your life and soon enough you might be able to do just that. While the graphics look like they were done in MS Paint and there is no real discernible purpose to the game (although the author does mention something about getting points and breaking furniture), it is supposed to be a sandbox game where you get to explore. The inside. Of one house. With an elephant. Yay! Or you could recreate this entire enterprise by just noting leaving your house for a few hours and just wandering around aimlessly.

Now I don't want to be to hard on this poor author as he does point out numerous times on his page that this is supposed to be humorous, but at the same time I am puzzled by what is funny about an elephant (and specifically Mr. Elephant) walking around a house. Was this just some final project that he turned in for a game design class? Did he not have any time to put more effort into fleshing out his game idea (or scrapping it) because he is actually a top secret pirate? Will we ever know Batman's true identity?

It's got just a few hours left at the time of posting and needs nearly $2000 to meet its goal (with only $56 raised so far). Tommy I know that you have a fancy job now and probably have $2000 to throw at a product that can only be described as elephant-related. Alternatively, you could just steal this idea, but make the game with a duck instead. Now, that would have endless replayability as opposed to getting tired of the elephant after 5 minutes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014

As I Run Would Like To Thank It's New Sponsor Fred's Beds!

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