Friday, September 28, 2012

True Life: I'm The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Well, its time for the annual blog meeting.  You may recall last year's meeting ended with me winning Tommy's leather jacket in a knife fight so I'd like to keep things more civil this year.  Anyway, I've been thinking about making some form of new website.  My html skills are getting rusty and I feel like another site in my portfolio would be beneficial in finding a good job, gaining xp, etc.  I wanted to know if you guys had any ideas about what I should make.  I've been considering a brand new blog with it's own new address that we could use instead of this one.  Only problem with that is this blog works pretty well already and we'd have to tone it down if I wanted to show it to people, which is totally fucking retarded...

Other ideas:
  1. A Cactus Care Website (Basically something with some cactus essays with the feel of  that Ninja website.)
  2. A Website For A Band (Probably SPD, but it would have to look legit though.  I think it could be really funny to make SPD look like a serious musical group.)
  3. A Magic Site of Some Sort (Columns on EDH or other Magic related stuff.  Not sure how copyrights work with MTG.)
Any ideas/thoughts/comments?  With any of these we could even add a blog page or forum of some sort.  Also I ate the stay puft man's finger.  Is this considered cannibalism?