Sunday, November 16, 2008

Megaman X is a Metaphor

I'm sure you are all aware Barrack Obama is the new united States President. I think that Capcom predicted Obama's victory and put it into game form.

Okay, for example, Megaman X is a Maverick hunter. His main color is blue(democrat), however, like any good modern politician he can change his color to green, black, pink, red (ironically), black, and white. Basically Megaman X and Barrack Obama have the ability to "change" their colors to fit the situation.

The more interesting example is Sigma (Aka John Mcain). Sigma is an ancient robot who is balding and calls himself a Maverick. He lacks the ability to shift his colors and sticks pretty much to the same habits every game (also he wears a red cape). He always has 8 Mavericks to back him up, he always fights with a melee weapon stubbornly adhering to tradition completely ignoring the available super-futuristic firearms, and he always has a hidden fortress in some barren locale. John Mcain picked a running mate from Alaska (which has a similar climate to the frozen fortress from megaman X2), he has a stubborn streak where he repeats favorite little catch phrases over and over, and he sticks to tradition.

Chill penguin is Joe Biden. Peguins have notorious potty mouths, and chill is an old English euphemish for drunken. Basically, Joe Biden says whatever the fuck he wants making him possible the biggest Maverick out of anyone...

Zero is Sarah Palin/Jesus. Zero has long hair and armor decked in red and fights with a traditonal weapon, a sword. Zero has this peculiar ability to rise back up from the dead (he does it just about every frikin game). Zero is the original maverick, he is the first reploid to transmit the Maverick Virus. However, Zero is such a Maverick that he joined Megaman's side just to buck what everyone thought he would do. Due to his long hair people often mistake Zero for a girl making it difficult to discern his sex. Sarah Palin is a girl and Jesus is an extension of God who is essentially genderless (side note: HOW THE HELL DO ROBOTS HAVE GENDER??)

In short based off the games I predict that Sarah Palin will join the Obama's cabinet and Obama will defeat Mcain and his 8 maverick robot pals for each year of his presidency equaling the 8 megaman X games (not counting spin offs and disowning number 6 which was an abomination) hence Obama will get elected, based on the prophecy of these games, for a second term. Discuss contemplate and enjoy. I'm gonna go hunt for Mavericks in Alaska.


  1. Interesting theory but I don't think Sarah Palin is destined for anything other than the birthday surprise party. How does G Dub play into this? Would he be Donkey Kong or Lester The Unlikely? (10,000 Pts if you get that reference.)

  2. I'm not sure I follow the Jesus=Zero link. There really isn't any ambiguity concerning his gender. Additionally, out of all the members of the trinity, Jesus is the most gendered, then God the father (who doesn't have a body in orthodox conception and is thus incapable of having gender), and then the Holy Ghost. That said, the Obama and McCain references are much stronger and more interesting. Is Lester the Unlikely related to Leisure Suit Larry?

  3. okay Jesus has long hair and died for sins (ie since you fuck up) and then comes back to life. Zero has long died since megaman X was a poon and couldn't fight vile (i.e. he fucked up)and then he comes back to life and dies about 3 times throughout the series. Also I forgot one. Bubble crab represents the working man.

  4. Lester the Unlikely is definitely the video game equivalent of George W.
    Also, who is more of a maverick Jesus or Sarah Palin?

  5. We don't really know anything about Jesus' appearance. The New Testament doesn't comment on hair length and our images of Jesus come from European artists. And even if he had long hair, it would be a cultural thing and not a distinguishing feature (i.e. all Jews at the time had long hair). The dying because Megaman fucked up, is the best analogy. However, doesn't Sigma also keep coming back in most of the Megaman X games? Also, Jesus only comes back once whereas it seems like Zero continues to do it. In that way Zero would be more like Ishtar (Mesopotamian) or Mithra (Roman mystery cult) who dies and comes back to life in a yearly cycle (usually connected to harvest cycles). I am glad to see that you pointed out that Bubble crab represents the working man. I've thought that so often, it's good to hear someone else espouse the view.