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Alex Jones


Inspirational Poster Bot

In case you guys haven't already seen it, check this out:

Some good ones I've gotten:

The Weiner That Started It All

This is the name of my new erotic fan fiction book about Adam. Also, the hot dog car is back, bitches!!!!!!#~!

No Rubbing, No Bumping

Also, this is the title of my new Christian abstinence-promoting rock album. The first single will be "Jesus is Watching You Dry Hump."



Mayank Never Gave a Speech Like This Because He got one A-.

This might be the most epic class president speech since Tommy's famous vending machine speech of '98. It also makes me think something like this could be a really funny Tommy and friends episode where Tommy wins his class election by giving everyone scratch and sniff stickers. Then the principal cuts his mic when he gives a speech promising vending machines. Then Tommy sneaks into the principal's office with hippo to leave a little surprise.

Mission Accomplished!!!