Monday, November 3, 2008

Facebook Rant

I have a love hate relationship with facebook. At one point I can and keep in touch with tons of people I would not otherwise be able to. And on the other hand, Facebook and most of the people I know on Facebook in a very passive agressive way say "fuck you, I'm not wasting the energy to associate with you" or "I risk social bastardization talking to you etc" where at the same time they feel socially obligated to friend me so to be polite. Anything anyone says to you over facebook, generally may or may not have any meaning, but you can never tell for certain.

Por exemple, Someone you haven't seen in a long assed time messages you and wants to hang out.
Alright you were bored that weekend and had nothing going, but the thing is, do they really want to hang out, or do they just want to talk and have nothing to say? The lack of voice and the inflection makes it difficult to tell what the hell their true intent is. I mean even over I'm you kind of tell how someone's thinking by how quickily they respond and how long they spend typing vs. how long the message is, but on facebook you see nothing of the process it took the person to write their message. Some things, like hey how's it going or what's up, people say not out of politeness but out of habit. The irony is that when people say that in person and somewhat over the internet, they're saying hi and don't give actually give a shit about how your life is going at that point in time.

Another bit that drives me up a wall is how and when to respond to messages. Should you wait a bit and not look like a frikin low life stalker, should you respond immediately and catch while online, If you were offline and see it latter should you not respond or respond later. Okay here's an example of everything I'm talking about: Billy messages me and says "oh man it's been so long, we need to hang!" I've only talked to Billy twice before, he's an okay kid but we weren't really close. See if I respond immediately, I look like I was waiting for someone to message me since I have nothing going on, thus I'm a loser. I can wait a while to seem less desperate, then I'll look like I don't want to speak to him, thus looking like a dick. Or do I message back immediately thus looking like a stalker. In short, CALL ME or AIM ME instead of facebooking since then at the very least I can psyco analyse you more easily and I can judge the level of your sincerity. Here I'll post my cell number on here... (my aims already up)


  1. Good rant. Using Facebook is like having sex with a robot. Socializing on the Internet creates disassociation with reality. If these people were really you're friends then you probably would have been hanging out before Facebook.

  2. I agree with the goat. Plus, who cares what other people think? I can promise you that most people aren't spending a lot of time analyzing your reaction time to certain messages. They are far more worried about what other people might be reading into their own reaction times, or if the girl in their math class likes them or not.

  3. Facebook is the corner of the internet designed for people who don't care much about the quality of friendships but rather the quantity of zombies they can throw at you or the number of times they can poke you. And I agree that it is annoying how some people say they want to hang out with little intention of actually hanging out and facebook seems to be great at encouraging these kind of lazy friendships. Also, I enjoy sex with Martha, my personal sex robot.