Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jello Bulletin

Thanks to the contributions of Team Waalkes, my Jello collection (including one expired box) has doubled in size.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

How To Live With A Man Baby: WTF is Going on With My Roommate?

As you know, I've lived with an immature space alien for a year and a half now. This is a character study of a Waalkes gone awry.

1. Lets begin with the digital clocks and silverware in the apartment. We have 3 clocks on kitchen appliances. They are always set to the correct time. If they power goes out, if one gets unplugged, or if Daylight Savings time happens. They are corrected to the right time. The same goes for our silverware. When I unload the dish washer, I don't bother organizing them. Whenever he sees them in this state he immediately corrects them. And yet we always have grease and goo covering all the important surfaces, dishes constantly piled in the sink, and a nausea inducing aroma that scares people. Cleanliness is not a priority but obsessing over minutia is.

2. We have peeping Toms and robbers in the neighborhood. Hey! Maybe lets leave all the blinds open at all times and the door unlocked at night. We've got thousands of dollars in electronics there. Oh hey, your roommate, who owns more than half of the aforementioned electronics, tells you this all the time. Its not that hard. Its free security. Oh ok lets not do that anyway. Hmmm. Why?!

Most of my other gripes are about him being an unaware, inconsiderate, childlike hypochondriac who's in denial about being mentally ill. Examples: Never leaving. Watching Frasier at high volume. Wiping his greasy hands on my couch. (Crossing a line!) Also the unsettling, creepiness factor.

What I'm asking y'all now is what the Hell is going on with this dude? He was valedictorian at VMI but apparently that don't mean shit. He's got an extremely skewed world view. He can hardly function like a normal human being. My guess is he's used to being spoon fed everything in his life. Whether by his mom or the military college. Now he's 26 and living on his own and still is expecting it all to magically be done. Um, dude this is Joey Waalkes here. I'm only in it for Skeezy and Big Macs.

My assessment: Your family's neglect and bullying fucked you up in the head. Get therapy. Acting like a crazy person will get you labelled as a crazy person. Getting treatment helps you from thinking/acting so crazy. People aren't fucking telepathic. They won't know you're getting help. (Even if they did, this is not middle school any more.) They will however know you are crazy if you are outwardly acting as such. Maybe he wouldn't be so frustrating if what he was doing at least made some sense.