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How to Plan A Picnic

The number one question people ask me in elevators is, "why is your mustache on fire?" or "how are you going to get all those Muppets passed airport security?" However, on escalators, it's "how can I plan an amazing picnic?" Here are my tips ordered by the amount of butter required.

1. If you see a line of ants approaching your blanket and singing gleefully, do not pee on them. They will try to carry away your picnic baskets or watermelons and urine is like a cocktail of cocaine, steroids, and Gatorade to them. Instead, set up a number of decoy picnics around the park with plastic watermelons. The ants will never know the difference! If the ants are giant or speaking French, run away.

2. If the security guard won't let you into the park without a pass, offer him with a tasty snack. Peanuts, popcorn, candy bars or pizza will all distract that lard ass into the euphoric pleasure of a tiny moment of the broken monotony from a long day of standing in…

How I've been spending my time.

Musings and Observations

Observations:1) This Friday while walking from one class to another I heard someone use the phrase "intellectual masturbation." 2) Immediately following this, I walked past a girl jumping up and down yelling "Fuck poetry!" over and over again. This is my life. 3) It's super fun to watch DBZ while drunk and eating bologna sandwiches. 4) I'm currently wearing a mustache I made out of a index card and a black permanent marker, I feel cool.
Musings: 1) What's so great about pants? 2) How am I like a bear? 3) Where did all the ghosts go in the Law Library?