Sunday, May 31, 2015

Air Jordans Review

So, I know it might be blasphemy on this blog to post anything about a lacrosse player other than Shaq, but I wanted to let you all know about this hot new take on the most recent Air Jordans. Now if you are a dumpster diving, binge drinking fanatic worth your weight in geldings like me, you already know what the Air Jordans look like when you simulate wearing them on your feat even despite the horrible things Kobe says about you behind your back. However, this fine young cannibal's review/unboxing video/sure sign of the upcoming catpocyclapse put this perspective in a whole new flavor of darkness. I will never be able to eat my Cal Ripken Wheaties the same way. Foooootball!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Minecraft Story

Just wanted to share this cool thing I did in Minecraft. I was in this cave and I found a chest with a saddle in it. As you know, saddles can't be crafted and are somewhat hard to find so I was excited to find and ride a horse. By this point I was pretty decked out with Diamond tools and steel armor so I figured I'd leave my island and go find horses to domesticate and ride with the saddle. So one morning, I got in a boat and left my island in search of someplace that would have horses. It took me about 5 or 6 game days of walking and camping for the night until I finally found a grassland with a small herd of horses. I started a new homestead with a fenced pasture and small house in preparation for my horse ranch. Everything was set up so when it finally came time to start taming and riding my horses I checked my inventory and chests. I forgot to bring the saddle.

Now I suppose I could follow my compass all the way back to my original Island but I'm even not sure if it was pointing to the island, or to the place I spawned which was out of sight of the island. In my experience navigating without an exact idea of where you are is difficult and I've gotten lost even with a compass. Besides I'd never find my new homestead again since it took so long to get there. So it was not meant to be.