Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friendship: Fuck yeah!


I think as a first post, I should talk about friendship. Friendship is the most powerful force in the universe. See you could go on a seesaw and have a great great time, but with friendship helping to push that seesaw up and down, you will have a blast. Friendship is extremely fun since anyone can participate and it's free fun. Now who can argue with that? Also friends help you out of tight spots. For example, I was sad since Sally said Santa stank. Billy told me that Santa just rolled in some flowers, and smelled all better. Thanks Billy!

Now I leave you with a question: When was a time the power friendship made a normally fun activity even better? Also when is a time a friend helped you out? (bonus points for answering both questions!!!!)


  1. One time I used friendship to thwart a terrorist plot to steal my baseball card collection to donate it to charity and force me to play outside on a beautiful day. A certain terrorist woman told me that I needed to put away the cards and play red rover with our kindergarten neighbors outside, but I was in the middle of reading about Sammy Sosa's height and weight. That's when my friend Stevie called me on the phone and we went out to Go-Kart City!! In the end, one of the neighbor girls peed on my baseball cards, but it was okay because Steve gave me two 1987 Brent Butlers and a 1989 Walt Weiss!!!!

  2. One night Billy asks me "why did God give me a third head?" "where is your first head," I asked him, but since Billy only had a stump for a head, I couldn't understand his response.

  3. I had a friend was awesome.