Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Part 3

Merry fucking Christmas you filthy animals! Or whatever. Anywho, here's my Halloween-esque mix for your enjoyment. It is composed of songs that I considered, but rejected for a variety of reasons. Usually because the tone wasn't quite right or the lyrics didn't match the mood.

Halloween-esque 2009:
1. The Ghost by I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
2. Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. Magic by Ladyhawke
4. Suicide by Raveonettes
5. I'm a Ghost by Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
6. White Shade by Lukestar
7. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts by Wolf Parade
8. Ghost Mouth by Girls
9. Of Moons, Birds & Monsters by MGMT
10. So Haunted by Cut Copy
11. Skeleton Key by Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
12. Scarecrow by +/-
13. Cities beneath the Sea by Gravenhurst
14. Ghosts by Lightning Seeds
15. Padding Ghost by Dan Deacon
16. Skeletons by Locust Avenue
17. Fax of Death by The Laurel Collective
18. Bloodsport (109 Mix) by Official Secrets Act
19. Death by Everybody Uh Oh
20. Fear of Drowning by British Sea Power


  1. Good job on the mixes. I've really enjoyed them. Very fitting for halloween without being Monster Mashy. I did really enjoy the Disco stylings of Chromium: Haunted Disco. The demonic laughter really makes it. A lot of the songs remind me of the music in QG4 too, which is badass. Any other holiday mixes in the works?

  2. I'm really glad you liked them. I enjoyed Haunted Disco as well. It worked surprisingly well. So well, that it made me consider a discoween album. Actually, now that I think of it Haunted Disco is like a glamed up version of Scary Tricycle. They both use cool effects and warn you about scary locations. QG4 must have had a pretty awesome music. No other holidays in the works. I don't get worked up about any holidays but Halloween and it's usually a lot of work (especially for non-Christmas/Halloween Holidays. Have you ever heard a Flag day song or groundhog's day?)