Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Leftovers

So this has been a music extravaganza. In composing my Electroween mix there were a lot of cool (in my opinion) electro songs that couldn't make it. Here's a mix with some of the neat songs I discovered. It's not Halloween related although there are some songs that are remixes of songs on my Halloweeen 2 mix. I have a two recommendations for anyone listening to this mix. One, when listening to "Confused Phantom" it's best to shout "Confusion!" really loudly (because you're wearing headphones and don't have proper volume control over your voice) at work and have all your co-workers stare at you. Also, use this as a facebook status or tweet and no one will know what you're talking about and send you concerned emails asking if you are okay. Two, I don't know why but about 2:50 minutes into "DVNO" it all sounds like meowing to me. I know it's probably not, but I like to pretend some hard core kitties got into the mix. Oh, and a note. The voiced sampled in the song by Starfucker, a northwestern based band who's recently changed their name to Pyramid, is from an audio lecture given by Alan Watts. I hope you enjoy.

Leftovers 2009:
1. Arcade Robot by Boys Noize
2. Somnambulistic by Information Society
3. Bring it On by Goose
4. Cocotte by Teenage Bad Girl
5. Paranoia (Pirate_Robot_Midget_Remix) by Video Villain
6. I'm not Scared by Ladytron
7. Sleep Deprivation by Simian Disco Mobile
8. Confused Phantom by Justice Vs. New Order
9. Surf Solar by Fuck Buttons
10. Isabella of Castle by Starfucker
11. Clean (BK Alternativ Instrumental) by Depeche Mode
12. Engine by LA Priest
13. Youre Out (Frankmusic Remix) by Dead Disco
14. Are you the One? by The Presets
15. Out There On the Ice by Cut Copy
16. DVNO by Justice
17. Battle Royal by Does it Offend You, Yeah?
18. Road to Recovery by Midnight Juggernauts
19. Wayfarer by Kavinsky
20. Take Me Into Your Skin by Trentemøller

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