Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Part 2

Here's the sequel to last year's Halloween mix. Enjoy it, if you can! Muhahaha....oh wait, there wasn't really anything scary or funny about that. Never mind.

Halloween II: 2009

1. Haunted Disco by Chromium
2. Monster Hospital by Metric
3. One Eye Open by Baddies
4. Dead Cruiser by Kavinsky
5. Tree Full of Ghosts by Hungry Villagers
6. Bela Lugosis Dead by Nouvelle Vague
7. In the Room Where You Sleep by Dead Man's Bones
8. Ghosts by Ladytron
9. You're Out by Dead Disco
10. Closet Freak by Videeo
11. PARANOIA by Video Villain
12. Pick the Ghost... by Underground Railroad
13. Wish You Dead by Love Like Fire
14. Baulderdash by Ipso Facto
15. Tigerlily by La Roux
16. Black Magic by Magic Wands
17. Howl by Florence and the Machine
18. Thrill Kill by The Damned
19. Graveyard Queen by Zombie Ghost Train

Happy Halloween Charlie Brown.


  1. I just finished listening through this mix and it's pretty freaking awesome. I think I like this one even better than the one last year. These songs work well together and seem to build off each other. It's got a cool, spooky, but not cheesy feel while still sounding like good, dancable party music. This is a holiday compliation Tour De Force of gargantuan proportions. I think my favorite song is Pick the Ghost . . .
    P.S. - can we still look forward to a third mix? Wow, it's just like Christmas time at Halloween.

  2. I'm super excited that you liked the mix. In retrospect, I think part of the problem with the last mix was I included some intentionally cheesy songs that are good once but not so much afterwards (Werewolf of London comes to mind, but it's on there for a specific reason) and probably over thought the order of the songs.

    As for this mix, it was actually really easy to make and a very natural process. After collecting so much material for the electroween mix, this one just kind of "came together." I was happy with it and I think I could listen to it more consistently than the first Halloween mix.

    By now you've gotten the answer to your question. Truthfully, I'm not sure I'll do more than one album at a time again. I'm almost tempted to try to make a Discoween album but I think that would be much harder than electroween.

  3. I had the same idea about you making a Discoween when I listened to Haunted Disco for the first time. Of course I didn't call it a Discoween at the time, but it doesn't matter now... In my opinion, it deserves some serious thinking about the possibility. I agree with you that it would be harder than making the Electroween mix and probably you would have to go down to the dirty basement of Disco to find something you like. However, Disco is kind of creepy for itself and it would make a great Halloween mix. I hope you give it a try.