Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tommy and Friends Episode IV Ideas

So here is my rough idea for Tommy and Friends Episode IV: Ceaser Crosses the Rubicon

Tommy is busy playing mario party when Pa walks upstairs and demands that Tommy needs to stop playing and go feed his sea turtle. "How is Tiger supposed to reproduce and help me start my sea turtle farming business without it's alfalfa sprouts?" Pa asks. Tommy is about to get into the hot tub on the cruise ship with peach and toad and says he doesn't even like the stupid sea turtle anyway. Pa gets angry and takes away Tommy's Atari Jaguar for a week.

The next day at school, Tommy is still mad at Ma and Pa for taking away his video game system. So, he talks to the sea lion stuffed animal in his backpack and comes up with a plan to get even with Ma and Pa.During a spelling test in Ms. Trollbottom's class, Tommy gets up and says he has to go to the bathroom. His teacher says he has to hold it until the spelling test is over. Tommy walks over to another student's backpack and pees in it.

Next, in principal Alex Slogger's office, Tommy says he learned how to do this from his parents who pee all over everything in the house on a regular basis after drinking a lot of liquids from bottles. The principal asks Tommy a few questions to which Tommy makes up a bunch of bad stuff that Ma and Pa do to him.

The police arrive at Ma and Pa's house and take them away in handcuffs charging them with neglect and abuse. Tommy goes to live with a wholesome christian family who eats sandwiches for dinner and does not allow video games, but requires mandatory folk tale sign-along time after dinner. Tommy hates it there and runs away into the woods where he declares that he has to get Pa and Ma out of jail because at least they were better than this family.

Tommy hatches some crazy mission impossible shit, similar to the first episode, in order to trick everyone and sneak into jail cell and free Ma and Pa. As they are trying to escape, they release the police dogs (Lulu and Muffin) on them and Tommy has to fight them off with his kinex sword. Then Tommy gets bit by one of the dogs and turns into a werewolf and the episode ends with Tommy running into the woods and howling.

I'm definitely open to suggestions. I'm sure there are some ways we could make this better and I dunno if the peeing thing is too much or if the werewolf thing is too random.


  1. I think Andrew should dress in drag and be Ms. Trollbottom. Martin maybe could be principal Alex/Arc Slogger. Ishmael you could be a police officer who get bribed with nachos.

  2. I think it's a really funny sounding episode. One question I had was, after tommy frees Ma and Pa what's to keep the police from just catching them again? Of course this might be a case of "it's just Tommy and Friends don't think so hard about it." Or maybe Tommy could get the Christian family arrested or Tommy drugs them, drags their bodies to the jail and after breaking out Ma and Pa puts the Christian family in jail with Ma and Pa masks on. That's probably too much work, although it could be a two part episode with an awesome cliffhanger (like the kind with Sylvester Stallone). In fact now that I think about it, it's probably best to fill the episode with as many Stallone references as possible. Judge dredd could sentence Ma & Pa. Tommy could have a montage of putting on war paint & gearing up as he prepares to rescue Ma & Pa. The possibilities are endless.

    I don't think peeing is too much. And I like the werewolf thing, but would we address it in later episodes or just drop it? Do you think Tommy would be willing to hump trees in werewolf form? As for being the guard. Sure, I love nachos. We'd better shoot my scenes quick, because those nachos won't last long. Yub yub.

  3. Sounds good to me. It will be pretty funny to see Tommy living with a Christian family. If we film and produce Episode IV then does that make Episode III the lost T&F episode like the 3rd season of the Chappelle Show or something?

  4. I think you're right, Ep III will be least until Martin the supreme executive producer finishes it. Might I suggest blackmail? Maybe it will be like the "lost" Ice Age set Coldsnap, to be discovered at a later date.

  5. New idea: So when Tommy goes to live with the Christian family, he's unhappy. And one night while playing the stone the witch board game, Tommy lets it slip that his parents didn't actually do anything wrong and have been falsely imprisoned. After hearing this, we find out that these aren't just sandwich eating, pray a lot Christians. They are militant, anti-government, Koreshian Christians and any government that would lock up innocent parents and keep them from their children must be stopped. So they bust out the AKs and tear gas in order to save Ma and Pa. Tommy, Ma and Pa escape successfully (except that little bit about Tommy being bit by a werewolf), but the Christian family goes down in a blaze of glory.

    However, if we did something like that I'm not sure you could have the mission impossible style sequence. Just a thought.

  6. Sincerely, I hope that episode III of Tommy and Friends won't be lost. It was fun seeing it being filmed last year and I've been very curious to see what it would be like after it was edited. The idea of a fourth episode came as good news for those who have watched the previous episodes, but, please, don't give up on episode III.

    I liked the idea of having Lulu and Muffin on episode IV. You have really nice dogs, but I'm sure you already know it. Oh, and the cat is very nice too... sorry I can't remember its name.

  7. I like the idea that the Christian family would also be anti-establishment and would want to bring down the police station. That takes it away from a more cliche simpsons, Bart-has-to-stay-at-Flander's-house type plot. I was thinking though what if the family were fundamentalist Christians, anti-establishment anarchists, but also anti-technology, so they don't believe in modern weaponry. This could possibly end in a food fight at the jail house to help escape Tommy. Imagine a close up of hippo being pelted with casserole while Tommy yells "hold the line, Hippo" in slow motion.
    Also, I talked with Tommy on the phone and he said he thought the werewolf thing was a little too much. It might make it a little too long also. We have a lot going on in this plot and it might be a good idea to try to cut or shorten some unnecessary stuff. Depending on how we film it of course.
    VFed, I agree including Lulu and Muffin would be essential in this episode. And our cat's name is Gracie, maybe she could make her debut as well . . .
    At any rate, I will try to post a reworked plot synopsis here sometime before Christmas break.

  8. Maybe in addition to being anti-technology, they can be anti-violence-that-leads-to-death, hence the food fight, instead of rocks and spears. I really like the "hold the line, Hippo" bit. That cracked me up (like an egg in a food fight).
    Maybe we can have a werewolf bit in another episode then. Or Tommy could be bitten by a werepig, or a werehippo. None of the other wereanmials get the spotlight. The werewolf is the Johnny Cage of the wereanimal kingdom.
    And what about Inky? Is she also going to make a debut? Meow?