Monday, November 30, 2009

An Online Petition

Well, my online petition to get Hangin' With Mr. Cooper back on the air failed to get Hangin' With Mr. Cooper back on the air. I think it's time to wade into more important political territory. This is the online petition to change Lulu's name to Louis Louis. This is most definitely history in the making.

As many of you may already know, Louis Louis is a dog. I've always had trouble taking Louis Louis seriously. What with all the barking and lollygagging. I mean c'mon. Shut the fuck up! I'm trying to sleep here! But just recently it occurred to me that Louis Louis is hard to take seriously with a name like Lulu. If Louis Louis is ever going to make it in the world of Politics/Jazzercise, she needs a new alias: Louis Louis.

The name Louis Louis encompasses all notable Louis' from any time or place in the Universe. There were 20 or so French kings named Louis many of which were disliked but that's fine because they had power and they changed the World, much as Louis Louis is doing as we speak. If this petition is a success, Louis Louis will finally gain the respect and power she deserves. I hear Mars doesn't have a president yet. Louis Louis' experience chasing squirrels and howling at the moon makes her a prime candidate for the job. Need a job done around the house? Louis Louis will poop on it. I'm even considering buying her a doggie sweater. Remember God is dog spelled backwards and siuol siuol is Louis Louis spelled backwards. So please sign my petition for your future Martian Overlord: Louis Louis.


  1. Wow, that picture says it all. I have several jobs that need Louis Louis poop solution. I'm on board completely. You can totally sign me up. But I have one question, is Louis Louis pronounced like Richard Berry's hit song of the same name? I hope so. If so, she's already got her Martian anthem song.

  2. Lulu is a fine dog, if a new name would give her some respect, then, it's time for a change. Can only American citizens sign up to this petition?

  3. Yes, anyone can sign up for the cause. This is global. Louie Louie works but Louis Louis sounds more professional somehow. However, her anthem is "The Age of Aquarius (Let The Sun Shine In)" by the Fifth Dimension as heard on the Forest Gump soundtrack.

  4. This is clearly a ploy by Louis Louis and the socialist extremists to start establishing doggie death panels. First, it seems like a good idea to take a nice dog seriously with a name change, but what is this really behind all of the fancy talk about martians? The answer is Lulu wants to kill your grandmother by a panel of dogs who will vote with their excrement. I will not stand by and let this happen. I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said it best, when he said, "The lives of our grandparents should not be controlled by dogs." Dink the Last Dinosaur '12!