Monday, November 30, 2009

Meet My New Friend

Today at work a coworker gifted me with the lovely face you see below.

His Uncle made this a long time ago, although he does not remember making it. Additionally, it is not his Uncle's normal artistic medium. He normally does 50s inspired paintings. There is one problem however, it does not have a name. So I'm holding a naming contest. If I select the name you have chosen, then you'll get a prize (I haven't decided yet what it is, although I suppose it will depend on the winner). Bonus points for historical names, i.e. names of real demons or monsters from history, especially if they come from the Ancient Near East. Also, if you can work in some association with goats and/or pigs (since it looks a little like both) that's bonus too. Each contestant can submit up to two names. All entries must be submitted by December 17th. Happy hunting!


  1. It kind of scares me and I like it. Also, its hair looks delicious.

    p.s. I'll be goatstorming and we'll have to have a name showdown at the Christmas party.

  2. That thing is creepy. The first name that comes to mind is Big Mac. But that doesn't really fit. There's really so many animals that it resembles to name it after. Harry Goatstein. Oink Oink McOinkerson. Mr. Bear. The possibilities are endless.