Monday, January 26, 2009

Quest For Glory II

I'm going to take some time off from working on my man gum opus, tentatively called "Man Strutting With Log 2" to talk some about Quest For Glory II.

Quest For Glory II is a lot of peoples' favorite Quest For Glory game. Many say this because they like the text based game play since QGII was never officially made into a VGA version like every other QG. Just recently in 08, QGII was made into a VGA game by a 3rd party company since this is pretty much abandonware now. I feel that the new VGA version is superior. The newer version is so good looking and simpler to operate. I was a little upset that they carried over some of the same icons and item pictures from I and III instead of just making new pictures which would have made the game more flavorful and unique in my opinion. Anyway, with a few execptions, such as a more flexible sleeping system and easier to navigate streets (more on the fucking streets later), the original and the remake are pretty much the same thing game wise. The blacksmith guy is still a dick and Shema still somehow floats in the air when she's dancing.

Blondie is even more blond and fashionable in QGII.

People like this one the best for many reason, I feel. First off is the flavor. A bustling Arabian desert city is a rather unusual setting for an RPG. Unlike in QGI, this city actually seems populated, with lots of vendors and people walking around in the street. The city feels large, as does the endless desert. The desert only has four locations to visit, which makes it more rewarding when you actually find one since the desert is litterally infinite. You have a dinosaur/horse to ride make things easier and faster in the desert but he is a pussy and is always running off. You also have to keep track of water while in the desert which adds another facet of realism to desert travel. Then there's the streets of the city.

Welcome to the living Hell that is the streets in the old QGII.

First off, travelling through the city is impossible in the original since the streets all look the same and all have really similar foreign sounding street names. You can't get the map without first navigating through the streets blindly to the moneychanger based on some vague directions some guy gives you in the beginning. Once you do get back to the first plaza to buy the map, you still have to find all the places before you can teleport on the map screen. There's never any indication where some of the smaller locations are so you pretty much have to walk around until you find them. The original box came with a paper map of the city but good luck finding that now. The streets are where the VGA version has been vastly improved. If you choose the option, it will block out all the random BS streets for your conveinience.

This game has a structure. Three days before the first major quest, the fire elemental. Three days to beat the elemental. Three more days to chill. This goes on for all four elements. There is plenty of down time. Some may get frustrated with this and just sleep the entire time but I find this to be one of the coolest aspects of the game. You get all this free time to explore and grind up your skills before, like clockwork, the next elemental comes by and you have to be a badass again. It's like a really laid back Baghdad without all the what have you. After saving the city four times, like clockwork you go to the sister city of Rasier and then shit starts to really go down and it's crunch time.

Finally, QGII is an equal oportunity employer in terms of classes. The thief doesn't have a guild in this one but the sexy moneychanger lady will buy yo shit. There are two thief areas to make some sweet moolla. For the magic user, there is an academy of wizards where you can visit and become one yourself. There is also a fighter specific area where you can join the guild. This is also the first one to deal with the fighter evolving into the paladin giving you the flaming sword. There are places to practice for all three classes. You can lock pick random doors in the street. You can go to the adventurer's guild and fight. You can play games with the magic salesman.

There are three ways to kill Ad Avis but somehow he keeps coming back in III and IV which is kind of lame.

In conclusion, for me QGII is probably second ranked of the four behind the first. It's the most chill and unique QG game.


  1. Dude i think, if sierra was still on its own, the creators of QG 2 would love you for this post. You sum up this game extremely well, and portray the uniqueness of this game.

  2. Another stellar review. The only thing that could have made it better is more screenshots of that crazy baby. He is one case where the old adage "kill a baby, make a baby" seems especially appropriate. I do need to play the remake sometime since it seems to have kick ass graphics and I never beat the original. In the meantime, you should consider submitting this review to the creators of the QGII remake. I bet this review is funnier and more true to life than most they get. Good show, Tink Tonk!!!