Sunday, October 25, 2009

How To Make An Efficeftive PowerPoint Presentation

Modern technology is so wonderful that now we are able to do amazing presentations with our computers. In the past are the days where we had to hold up a series of poster boards to help us with our presentations. Here are a few awesome tips for making your PowerPoint Presentations out of this world.

Part 1: The Setup
1. Make sure to use a lot of clip art in your presentation. Real photos are off limits because they Google images is too difficult to figure out and real pictures might scare your audience because they live in a fantasy world where all people have light bulbs or exclamation points above their heads.
2. Do not add any information to your presentation that is not clearly written in complete sentences. Nobody likes phrases and people watching you love to read long passages so that they can learn even more.

Part 2: The Presentation

1. Near the beginning of your presentation say something like, "I know you all can read, so I won't bother reading all of these slides to you." The only exception to this rule would be if you are making a presentation to at a school of students who are trying to learn how to read.
2. Soon after saying this, start clicking through your slides faster than anyone is capable of reading through them.
3. Promise that you will post your PowerPoint on your website or email it to everyone. Then, never do it. You see, during the moment everyone watching your presentation should think it is the most important information in the universes. But worry, the will have forgotten it all within a few minutes after your speech.
4. At some point during your presentation, click one too many times and go a few slides further than you intended to. Act very surprised and confused at this occurrence, saying something like, "oh no! How do I go back?" Someone in the audience will get up from their seat and help you and they will feel useful and therefore like your presentation more.
5. Ask if everyone can see your presentation alright. If someone says they cannot, give them a dirty look and continue on with your presenation.
6. Remember that a PowerPoint presentation is all about showing how smart you are. Do not allow the audience to have any interaction with you or ask any questions. You are the smart one standing in front of everyone after all.


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  2. I made sure to follow all your points, and my latest PowerPoint presentation was a great success! Most of my co-workers spent the entire presentation glaring at me, totally jealous of my new awesome PowerPoint skills. I could tell my boss really liked it too, since he avoided talking to me afterward in a rush to get back to his office. I know he wanted some alone time to really mull over what he had learned that day. I'm sure to get that raise now!