Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wow, Guys: Sierra Mist

Wow the world of religion really is crazy. It's great that we have this awesome blog to make light of it! You know, when I'm writing fictional letters to Jesus from little boys I always enjoy a delicious Sierra Mist. You know, Sierra Mist really gets my creative juices flowing! MMMMMmM!

I know all of us at this blog all love to see Shaq, the NBA's most underrated and hillarious player, in interesting photos. Well, sometimes when I get thirsty when I am composing a beautiful picture of Shaq endorsing something for the sake of a good chuckle, I reach for a refreshing Sierra Mist to help curb my Shaq obsessed thoughts. YeaY!

And finally, aren't lolz humanz great? They really do bring out the lighthearted nature of this crazy species we belong to. So, look guys, here's a new one:

So, wow guys, we've had some great times with these blog. Thanks Sierra Mist!


  1. Woah, I think the blog just jumped the shark. I'm not sure I can take all this metablog commentary. Reading sarcastic blogs about sarcastic blog posts and Sierra Mist almost blew my mind. I'm out! See you next Tuesday. Your check is in the mail. Miami vice is hot. I am the postmaster general.

  2. "This reminds me of that time way back..."

    "Oh grandpa."

    "Bring out the pop corn, this could be a while."

    "Many years have passed since those summer days
    Among the fields of barley
    See the children run as the sun goes down
    Among the fields of gold
    You'll remember me when the west wind moves
    Upon the fields of barley
    You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
    When we walked in fields of gold
    When we walked in fields of gold
    When we walked in fields of gold"