Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Blog

New blog good? New blog bad?
I've got kind of a lemon lime thing going here. Is the title card too photo shopped? I was thinking posting a quote or something on it ("State Bird, The Mosquito"). Quote suggestions? Keep the color as is or change it all the time? Old title card? New title card? Title card with quote? If I add a quote it will take "X" work hours and I expect to be fully compensated in clam shells/beer. And finally, Should I cut my hair or grow it out? (Seriously, I need a comment from all 3 of you before I make my final decision.)

Keep Fucking That Chicken.


  1. I do rather miss that picture of the little girl. Otherwise I'm totally with the new scheme. That dog reminds too much of Sparky, and though he rots in Durham county penatentry, I still feel as though he could break out any time and sexually violate me again. I have a few different quote ideas. You could "Not valid in Kentucky or anywhere Shaq hasn't been." Or something creepily cheery like: "Where the world cuddles together in a bright platonic family orgy."

    Lastly I saw cut the mullet, or else you'll have to whoop Batman's ass. Not saying you can't do it, just saying you guys blew up fucking Namek last you fought. WTF am I supposed to do with all these displaced Picalos. Anyways, I have to train at 300X Earth's gravity. Rock over London, Rock on Chicago. Fruit Loops, breakfast of super Saiyans.

  2. As for the new blog look, I dig it except the grass on the titlecard. I can see lines going up and down and I tend to stare at them and get a headache. Just saying.

    As for a quote, I can't think of anything right now. I'm not opposed to the idea though.

    Hair: Grow it long, dude. That's what I'm doing, and you know I'm like the king of style. But seriously, you can have like a rocking fro.

    PS - I'm back bitches! Fuck Afghanistan! Fuck the desert!

  3. That dog is totally hot--you can see the happiness in his eyes creeping closer and closer like the boogieman right after you are asleep. I think you have finally found the perfect picture to sum up the essence of our blog. Good work. I agree with Wojo about the grass though and it clashes a little with the background color (although maybe I'm just anal). Maybe the dog could be flying through space?
    Possible quotes:
    1. "This blog is the reason Jesus invented the internet." ~Dick Cheney
    2. The primary financial news blog for thousands of drug lords across the world.
    3. The internet is a myth.
    4. I love blogging! Wanna come back to my apartment and eat a snickers?
    5. To read our blog, look at the words below this image.
    6. A virtual free cookie because you're special
    7. You can't eat it but it's still good
    8. Your source for interesting facts about the Dewey Decimal System.
    9. Don't tell Bigfoot, it's a suprise
    10. A blog typed entirely with our elbows.

    Let it grow. College is the best time for long hair. Apache Chief out!

  4. I have a question to ask, was the "I'm here, Mr. Spaceman" quote meant to be like, coming from the girl? Because it would make her sound more psycho, which would be cool, in my opinion.

    Two thumbs up for the three dogs in the box too. The more, the better.

  5. Thanks for the thumbs up! Imagine that the dogs live on a planet where "Fool in the Rain" by Led Zeppelin is constantly playing. I suppose the girl is the one saying that. If she's on another planet, either she's an alien or some form of astronaut that's been in space a long time, either way she's probably a psychopath. By the way, are you MB? I'm thrilled that some one other than the 4 of us are even looking at this page.

  6. Actually, I'm Veronica. Sometimes William would let me know when he had posted something new and this was how I started reading this page...