Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friendship Ad

Wanted: BFF
Reward: tons of FUN!!!
Job Description: must be experienced in being awesome. Needs to know how to play Yu-Gi-Oh, my little pony, and pogs. Must constantly wear early 90's bright pastels. Must like listening to Cris Cross ad nausem.

Please, serious applicants only.


  1. I have much experience with pog. I wear Easter pastels. Criss Cross national theme song. Should I bring shovel for the donkey cart where I will place tons of fun?(as is customary in my country)

  2. Dear Sir,
    I've read your ad seeking a BFF and it sounds like your needs and my skill may indeed prove to be an excellent fit. Who would have thought I would have been able to put my collection of pastel Cris Cross t-shirts to good use? My only question is the fact that my pokemon, a level 11 polywhirl comes with me everywhere I go and has uncontrollable bowels and turrets syndrome. Will this be an issue?