Tuesday, June 23, 2009

QG 3

I just spent a day playing and beating quest for glory 3. Pretty quickly considering how I have recently stated that it was the worst one of the original four. Maybe it's because I'm in the midst of another QG binge but I was especially hooked this time through. QG3 is the one I played the second most as a kid. Somehow I had more patience back then.

I've always found QG3 to be the most frustrating one gameplaywise, whereas QG4 is frustrating simply because it has more bugs than a pile of shit. You have to travel long distances which is cool, adding to a more epic feeling on this one. Annoyingly, you always ALWAYs get encountered by some random hideous monster. You can't avoid walking accross a screen and getting cock-blocked. This is why QG3 is the fighter's game. If you can't kill the critters you have to run and when you run it's usually for an eternity. It's hard to remember how many hours of my life I spent running away from dinosaurs back in my gaming-wonder years. And when you do fight the combat is totally effed up. You click on the swing icon and it swings a little later. SO SLOW!

Fighters are the most conveinient class as they don't have to jog until they either collapse from exhaustion or get a hot dino lunch. Wizards can usually handle themselves alright if they have to. Thieves better buff up in QG2 because it is hard to improve when you're dead. Thieves get poo poo for stuff to do. No grannies to steal from. Fighters have three fighter specific screens and it always feels to me that the game is designed for the fighter.

You don't see many games set in Africa. QG3 ranges from ancient Egypt to subsaharan savannah to Congo jungle. Maybe it's not PC to show ancient Africa. All the dark skinned villagers speak English not good for some reason.

QG3 has a badass soundtrack, dude. The best soundtrack on any game I can think of. Very flavorful and African. Lots of bongos.

QG3 is cool in it's own way because it's so EPIC. You travel between cities and villages over vast areas of land to stop war between nations. None of the other games are on such a large scale. Despite it's game play flaws where travel and combat are concerned, QG3 is still totally worth it.

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  1. QG3 will always have a special place in my heart for being probably my favorite game as a kid. Maybe I always like this game more than you because I always played as the fighter where it is much less annoying to have encounters. Few games can beat the immersive graphics, cool characters and epic storyline of this game. Although, with your guidance, I think I have finally come around to thinking of this game as the worst of the original 4. But the kick ass thing is what other game series can call a game this good as their worst one?