Sunday, December 7, 2008


Fuck homework he's some poetry:

Tommy Waalkes

I guess I’m supposed to be a worker bee
and work only for the colony.
Looks like I have to put a pen and let words flow freely.
I’m supposed to be a cog in the machine
and turn in the same place daily.
Forcing out creativity and saying this is me!
I guess im suppose to be happy
and manufacture my own faith, love, and loyalty.
Create my image, paint myself as divinity.
Is that the only way I will go down in history?
I’m supposed to lie about my identity,
have it change endlessly to please anybody.
Living and thinking outside the stream of notoriety,
to be remembered I must please the historians, Society.

On the sweatshop’s floor,
in the barroom’s roar,
behind the bedroom’s door,
I am supposed to prove I am a man
to some whore.
Be a manly or be a faggot.
This life
the dreamer’s nightmare.
No heaven nor hell
just mediocrity.
Just bland society.
Just generic gender monogamy.
Just shallow substitutions for reality.
Just a band-aid for malady.

Practice gluttony.
Surround yourself with new toys.
Get a pool, a garden, a TV, a Wii, a computer, a golden knee.
Build a wall with the toys.
Keep everyone out, hide behind techno1ogy.
Like Tylenol for a cancer,
numb the pain until death
living to die tragically,
not to live happily.


  1. Fuck studying here's a comment: I don't know about you but I took tylenol for about 5 months and my toe grew back and I wear band aids out of respect for all my dead homies just like Nelly. These poems are definitely like handicapped porn. Good poetry.

  2. Damn, son. This poem is like you just hit Steve Jobs in the face with a floppy, dead fish. The subversive questions you are asking are things that almost everyone else in our culture (even the creators of South Park) are afraid to ask, but questions that are necessary if we are going to survive as a people. In other words, we need to stop manufacturing and hiding behind our capitalist and restrictive vices and really experience life.
    Great job!
    p.s. - why is the title substitute?

  3. The title is substitute because we as a society constantly compensate for rather than fix our inadequcies and insecurities. We use cheap covers and expensive opiates instead of facing reality head on