Monday, December 8, 2008

Free Write

Alright I need to do a free write.
If I babble long enough I will come up with something prolific.
Maybe I shall about a topic in specific.
Greed, Pride, and Sloth plague us:
When in doubt get some more.
I'm never wrong.
I'll never ask what for?
Drain their blood till it's all gone.
They're all ants to me.
I'd rather die burning, than live running.
I'll skim from them
Oh naturally, it's all without sin
If they keep sitting, and not seeing

Dip into your wallet,
I need some more polish
to dazzle more magpies
for my gullet.
I'll giggle and smile all the while,
Funding my debonair style.


  1. Nice! A++ for the use of debonair.

  2. Je ne comprend pas ce poeme mais je le trouve interessante quand meme. Qui est cette dame de qui tu parles?

  3. Dear Mr. Waalkes,

    Thank you for your submission to Highlights Magazine. We have read over your submission closely and must pass at this time for the following reason(s):

    1. Not enough imagery of sharks eating squash
    2. We were a little confused about the answer to 13 across
    3. Use of washing machine imagery that is inappropriate for children.

    We look forward to your submissions in the future.

    Davey M. Davidson