Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to form a semi successful Post Rock band

1. Have a sentence for a band name. Extra points if it's about ghosts and or flying. EG, "This ghost hamburger can fly."

2. Release an album with only two 35 minute songs.

3. Have thought provoking song and album names. EG, "Little lumberjacks in a world full of trees."

4. Be either Icelandic or Texan.

5. Record your album in a shack in The Middle Of Nowhere.

6. In interviews, talk about swells, harmony, and crescendos like a pretentious dick.

7. Make sure your songs make the listener drowsy and then suddenly wake him or her up.

8. Don't have a bassist. Have a harpist.

Thank you very much.


  1. Indie music is getting so complicated. I still miss the emo days, when you just had to name yourselves the something experiment or the something project, write some kind of sadish music, and cry a little bit on stage to have inde cred. Now, there are so many balls you have to juggle to be authentically indie, how is any band able to get by?

  2. What's the problem? I'm part of an indie band no problem. We're all from India, how hard is that?

  3. Trust me Joey, Puffy's Third Day Arrival is going to make a resurgence to SPD-esque popularity. I've been working to create synthetic melodization to combine contra-negative crescendos to make one of the cerebral yet amusing masterpieces of the decade. Our new album "Future indicative, Present Subjunctive" will hit non-Starbucks coffee shops and hot-dog stands every. Remember only drink fair trade Organic coffee, and every time you turn on your SUV a Native (aka REAL) American sheds a tear for how many brave stags and eagles your ancestors sodomized and slaughtered.

  4. So most of your comment, UU, had nothing to do with the post. How postmodern. However, "Future Indicative, Present Subjunctive" is probably one of the best album names I've heard in ages. Grammar is fun.

  5. Yeah that is a cool comment. It kinda reminds me of weird indie lyrics and there are definitely not enough grammar themed music/album titles.