Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Introducing Apache Chief's First Album: A Rock Opera

The year is 1267 and an advanced alien race has declared war on humanity to deplete the earth of its natural resources and leave it like a waded burger king bag on the side of the road. The aliens main weaponry consists of a mass distraction device called the serotonin thunderdome, a massive screen displaying images and playing sounds that stimulate the pleasure centers in the human brain, making all humans unwilling to do anything but sit and stare at the screen while they die of starvation. American Indians and Europeans, who are unaware of one another’s existence, all sit side by side in arm chairs, trapped in their own ecstasy inside the alien spaceships hovering around earth (Leaf Erikson was a myth made up by the sasquatch community). For some reason on the aboriginal Australians are the only ones immune to the serotonin thunderdome and therefore must fight the intelligent, but physically weak alien race on their own, until . . .

The Singing Postman arrives in his time machine possessing advanced human technology from the year 1974.Will the aliens be mesmerized by his amazing songs about world peace and express mail? Will the Singing Postman fall in love with the daughter of the leader of the alien race because the corporations backing the multi-million dollar movie production demanded the movie become more accessible?  Who will deliver Martha Filburn’s homemade cookies to her grandson at 305 Grandwood Lane while the Singing Postman is living in the past.

The course of human history changes this summer 2011.


  1. Bwarg! What happens in Summer 2011? The Snowpocalypse? Also, I'm related to Leaf Ericson. Does that make me a myth? Is there an empty Bud Light case next to the wadded Burger King bag? Would that empty case be what's left of Jupiter or Pluto? The time traveller community has long known about the Singing Postman AKA Humanity's Savior. The SPM/Apache Chief collabo is coming to a Best Buy near you in either a short or long period of time.

  2. As a jaded 20-something living past the year 2010, I have to say that the serotonin thunderdome is sooooo 1994. That's what babies watch, lame. My grandparents watch that on PBS. Now the hypno-toad, there's an opiate-for-the-masses for the cool generation, for the hip youth of today.

    Well I'm off, I'm late for a hoverboard race with Biff. I'll catch you crazy cats later. Zooooooooooooooooooooom!