Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Robots have gone Berzerk!!! (Janitor Joe DOS Game Review)

For some unexplained reason, the robots have gone Berzerk!!! on your space station and, you a lowly janitor named Joe, are the only Human they know of. Not only are you responsible for cleaning the entire automated space station by yourself without health insurance or overtime pay but now you are on your own against an army of pissed off robots. Sounds like time to start updating your resume and looking for another job!!!

Your keys, your only salvation to the escape of spending the rest of your life floating in outer space, are scattered all across the automated space station. Overlooking the fact that every good janitor has their keys attached to a massive keyring on their belt loop, Joe is a crafty fellow, capable of moving in four different directions and jumping; indeed, with your help, Joe is able to perform duties well in excess of his job description.

All this has me thinking that this whole situation, this whole game really, could have been avoided if Joe had spent a little more time with his guidance counselor in high school. Joe is an man of unparalleled skill and intelligence, and aside from lacking organization skills, could have a star athlete, a CEO of a grape juice company, a therapist specializing in mechanized anger, or even President of Space.

In the end, Janitor Joe stands as a grim distopian view of the future where people are forced into occupations unsuitable for them with dangerous work environments and where robots become angry. This game should stand as a warning to us all that we need to take a proactive stance now by being nice to robots so that their first experience with emotion will be happiness.

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  1. You would think, that robots are supposed to do janitorial work. Just look at those little robodiscs that vacuum the carpet. In the long run, janitorial robots will save us time we can spend punishing our slowly evolving simian slaves as prophecized in Planet of the Apes 4, the third best movie ever behind Ice Pirates and Labyrinth.