Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boo Boo Bo Yoo

"Welcome. Hi, This is Boo Boo Bo Yoo with the 11 o'clock news. A local high school pizza party turned ugly when a local student launched a pepperoni pizza piece into and severely scalding the face of local student, Debbie Fruit. She may never walk again. I guess what they say is correct. Never give a pizza to a high schooler unless they have a black belt and can dodge flying pizzas. Have a good Good Friday and God Bless the troops. This is Boo Boo Bo Yoo, signing out."

Hi! I am Boo Boo Bo Yoo, a local news anchor for WPPX WYZ GYXPZ. I have been working as a news anchor here in Anchorage Alaska ever since I crashed my hot air balloon here in '85. I was on a solo flight from Boumkess to San Fran when I was shot down by some punk with a surface to air Red Ryder. I guess you could say I was lost but I guess you could say a lot of things.

Hi! My name is Boo Boo Bo Yoo from Bumkiss, MI. I have been working for news station WNZ.JP, the very station that Governor Sarah Palin was sports caster for back in '89 before she accepted Satin's offering of black blood and human flesh in 2007. I was an Alpha Omega Beta back in high school. I also trained for the ROTC. This is why my clothes are well ironed and properly worn (not that the makeup/wardrobe lady doesn't play a part.)

Yubb Yubb, as the Ewoks say! This is Boo Boo Bo Yoo, local news anchor for WXYZ. I am an Ewok. I wear a skull on my head. The rest of the Ewoks were destoryed in the Endor Holocaust when the Death Star II fell to Endor and killed all of it's inhabitants. I am the sole survivng Ewok in the universe. (Except for Gary.)

Hola. Yo soy Boo Boo Bo Yoo. Yo quiero árboles norteamericanos! Somos fuera de Tic Tac.

Welcome. Hi, this is Boo Boo Bo Yoo. I am a local anchor for the news show. I send you the news. Don't get me confused. I will lash out and attack you.

Boo Boo Bo Yoo Grocery List:

One Banana
The American Dream
All Those Years I Spent Playing Bubble Baubble
Manifest Destiny
Ghosts of Future's Past
Zombie Feed


  1. Sarah Palin Grocery List

    Baking Soda
    All available fish heads
    Belts that allow you to hold things
    Health Care, hahahaha

  2. Fred Donkey Bark Grocery List