Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Top Ten Albums of the Last Decade - #5

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - The Tyranny of Distance

Throughout the decade, Ted Leo has stayed true to his sound and his vision to the point that some critics fault him for a last of originality and musical evolution. I don't understand this criticism of Mr. Leo considering the convicition and passion of his musical vision and the fact that his albums have been consistently amazing throughout the decade.However, no album was better than Tyranny of Distance, Leo's breakout album from 2001 which declared his purpose with the fervor of two hundred pygmy hippos. This album approaches music as if it is a life-sustaining force, like water or bacon, as if Leo and the Pharmacists would all shrivel up and die if music disappeared from the world. Aside from making modern pop punk bands look foolish, the urgency is this record combined with prophetic and poetic lyrics makes this album more like a declaration of existential purpose than mere entertainment. How many bands can you say that about?

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  1. I knew Ted Leo was going to be on this list. The question was where. Well here he is, the beautiful son of a bitch that he is. Anyone hating on Ted Leo should be tied up while a swan poops on his head. You heard it here first. I still remember you rocking out at the Ted Leo concert. You were unstoppable. Once you started dancing, it was like an all expenses paid trip to Funkytown, attendance mandatory.