Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Song Just For You

I noticed that you guys weren't really in this Christmas spirit yet this year (it's just around the corner like a crazed psycho killer, after all), I decided to make this special Christmas song just for you. May it make your heart pound in a way that does not induce vomiting.


  1. Holy crap. This will be Apache Chief's first song! Lord have mercy!

  2. So I see we're extending the Christian cannibalism motif to Christmas too now? Listen up kids, cannibalism isn't just for Easter anymore. Go out and eat your family, Santa commands it! ...woah, what did I just write? I think I was possessed by the spirit of Christmas or something.

    That said, I take great offense to your insinuation that I'm not in the Christmas spirit. How dare you! I'm wearing 4 Santa outfits that I stole from salvation army santas. I just drank 4 egg nogs and am close to throwing up. My car is covered with Christmas tree lights and I now pee red and green. Bam! Uncomfortable yet? That's how Christmas I am.