Monday, December 7, 2009

The Top Ten Albums of the Last Decade - #4

The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema

It was a difficult choice between this record and Mass Romantic to represent the pornographers, but I've thought this album a bit more consistent and packing more of my favorite tunes. I really couldn't fault someone for preferring any of the other New Pornographers albums to this one; they have been one of the most consistently amazing bands of this decade. Here are the facts:

1. Aliens listen to The New Pornographers.
2. No one would give a shit about online colleges if it wasn't for The Bleeding Heart Show.
3. This album has a cool sort of post-modern story telling quality to it. These songs seem like stories and even if they don't make logical sense, you feel like you are leaving something behind at the end of the song just like at the end of an excellent novel.
4. When Justin first looked up this band he almost got kicked out of college for searching for them.
5. This album has a certain sweetness. Not like sweetness from eating too much Halloween candy, but like sweetness when you are eating a lot of fruit recently and that makes apples taste better.
6. You see so many of those behind the music episodes where the band mates hate each other and can't stay together, it is kinda nice to see a band made up a members from others bands that are able to get along so well and be able to make such incredible music. Or maybe they hate each other and the good music comes out of the conflict. Hmmm

Anyway, there is really so much to like about this album and the pornographers in general. If only they would return my letters and emails . . .


  1. Most of these write-ups are hardly doing justice to these great albums, but I don't think I really have to convince you all how good these albums are anyway.

  2. If the write-ups could do justice to the albums, they probably wouldn't be on your top 10 list. Expressing the ineffable is no easy task. I don't think you need to convince anyone here, although I do enjoy reading your reflections on some of my favorite albums.

    As for the New Pornographers: While they did get me kicked out of Christian college, I still love them. I'm still going to side with Mass Romantic, but only by the width of a hair. It's incredibly close.

    I should also say that I saw them live twice after this album came out. The first time, at Cat's Craddle, the whole band was there. It was, without a doubt, the most rocking, kick-ass, mind-blowing concert I've ever been to. Easily best concert of my life. They sang all my favorite songs and sounded just like their albums (or maybe even better).