Monday, March 9, 2009

A Big anouncement

Hi all, I hope March madness is leading you to gladness.
I have some super duper news guys. This is bigger than Shaq.
I talked with the fellow senior at my school and his interest was strong.
We are starting a Cindy Lauper cover band to resurrect such wonderful classic rock music for the younger generation to enjoy. Her music is an inspiration to my feminine side, and made me less ashamed of my frequent cross dressing (notice I said only LESS). The roles of singer (taken by yours truly) and piccilo player are filled. We need: a drummer, bassist, guitarist, manager, refreshment provider, and cheer provider. Description of who we need: we only want people who in it to win it, so check your negativity at the door. Must want to move and grove, and bring smiles to everyone's faces. I want to see strong positive powerful attitudes. No prior experience required. Interested in the position, call my business line (don't be intimidated, we're quite lax).

P.S. Go Gophers!


  1. 42 post:
    42 the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
    42 the number of nomes in ancient Egypt. (Although not the number of gnomes in Egypt)
    42 is the number of children mauled by a pair of bears sent by God for making fun of Elisha (I'm not shitting you, check out 2 Kings 2:23-25).
    42 is the age of Ahaziah when he became king of Judah.
    42 is the number of months that the nations will trample over Jerusalem during the end times.
    Bill Clinton was the 42nd president.
    Molybdenum is the 42 element.

  2. I like Cindy Lopper but I've always found her music to be a little heavy on the Cello. I want the refreshments provider position if it pays well. I hear the yellow snow is a big seller at the ball field this year. Wha? Zappa?!

  3. Dear Mr. Unicorn,
    My music is timeless jerk. Don't you realize that girls want to have fun? Your attempts to introduce young girls to the philosophy of Immanuel Kant using references to Dora the Explorer are tasteless at best and criminal at worst. Please go develop a cure for cancer and then die before you ever get to share it with another human being.
    Cindy Looper
    P.S. - I'm pregnant and I'm not sure if the baby is yours or a result of that time I was involved in those alien toothpaste experiments.