Thursday, August 11, 2016

Point Counter-Point: Is Cory in the an Anime that should cause you to revise your religion?

I report you decide. Also I'm ssj4 now. Power level of at least 90.

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  1. This video makes me so happy. I think it is because this girl is the lovechild of Angry Broncos Fan. Think about it. After he blew up on the internet about 10 years ago, all of those die hard middle school Broncos fans probably wanted to sleep with him and find out if he really did have testicles in his mouth. With his love of the Broncos and need to dedicate his life to sharing his opinions of ... them, he probably gave the mother the middle finger salute when he found out she was pregnant. Now this girl has discovered her father's video from ten years ago and wants to know her dad. So she released this video in hopes that he will come back into her life. This is the only logical explanation for this video. Also, although I do consider myself an amateur Corey in the House Historian, but I much prefer the ane-may Corey in the Post Office.