Thursday, March 13, 2014

Magic Personality Quiz

I found this magic player personality quiz, which at first I almost dismissed because the questions are often silly and dated, but in the end the result and write up were quite interesting. I would be curious to see what you all get.

Here are my results, which felt like the resonated well with my strengths and weaknesses as a player who does best with an intense level of focus. I haven't read the other 15 results, but this does seem like an interesting way to think about what kind of magic player you are that goes beyond the Spike, Timmy, and Johnny distinction.

Phil, you are a...

Supercomputer (CDFG)

Competitive Defensive Flexible Game-player
You're a serious player who's out there to win. You handle a lot of complex strategic ideas, gradually number-crunching and thinking your way to victory. 'That's the just the way it is' is the attitude of lesser beings than you. You're always analysing your game while it's happening and if things don't work out the way you want them to, you'll assess them frankly. If you didn't play as well as you could have done then you'll admit the mistake. You know that it's only by acknowledging your weaknesses that you become stronger.

You think a lot about how you play. Great ideas for your strategy hit you when you're in the shower or driving along the road. You know the value of preparation but you also know that it's never possible to predict exactly what's going to happen in a game. If things aren't working out quite how you expect them to, you think on your feet, changing your calculations until it all adds up.

You're by nature a defensive player. You believe in taking measured and carefully reasoned out moves rather than piling everything in for a big attack as soon as the game begins. You're not a big risk-taker. As far as you're concerned laying everything on the line to take a chance is a sign of weakness. There's no need to risk jeopardising everything when you have everything under control.

We say: When it comes to thinking things out before a game and thinking on your feet during it, nobody does it better. It's impressive how you spend your time working on improving your game, studying strategy articles and thinking things through. Developing your person-watching skills will make you even better. You'll get advance warning about what your opponent's going to do by noticing his reactions to what he draws. Some people will pull some pretty smart tricks - chatting to you before the game to lull you into a false sense of security, talking to you during the game to get you where they want you. People like you who focus purely on the game are being genuine when they do this, but others may not be... Be ready for when you play against people like this - nobody can read you like a book, but Supercomputers run the risk of getting hacked.


  1. Also, look for my GP Richmond tournament report coming soon. Complete with all the juicy details of my make out session with Randy Buheler!

  2. joey, you are a...
    Navigator (CDIG)
    Competitive Defensive Inflexible Game-player

    As a Navigator you believe in working hard to get the best out of your deck. You spend a lot of time thinking about your strategy, getting it just right before a big tournament. You can't understand these people who just pick up a deck the night before and expect to go in and win. For this reason you're probably not that keen on drafting. When a new set comes out it means lots of work for you - but you invest the time because in the end it's going to pay off. You always check up on spoilers, eager to find out what the card names are and what they all do. You put a lot of time into reading articles about Magic strategy and thinking about how their advice can be fitted into your style of play.

    Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes from seeing all that preparation pay off as you gradually beat your opponent. A bit like a chess player, you tend to take your time during a game, running through everything in your mind to make sure you've got everything covered. You think about all the things your opponent might do and all the things you'll need to do if that happens. Having taken all the time to develop a system for victory, you want to make sure you carry it out perfectly.

    Everyone likes to ask a Navigator for directions. You know all the cards and what they do - making you an extremely valuable person to have around. You're probably very good at teaching people how to play, and you make a really useful part of any team. You know the value of your knowledge and you're happy to discuss the game with people, but you wouldn't harm your team's chances by spreading it too widely.

    We say: You put a lot of work into playing Magic:the Gathering. You take care to get the very best out of your deck. If there's any area where you could improve it's probably in experimenting a little more during the game itself.

  3. That's what I got. I'm not sure I agree with it entirely as I do like drafting and when I do draft a lot of times I don't know the sets. Otherwise I agree with this.

  4. william, you are a...
    Samurai (CAIG)
    Competitive Aaggresive Inflexible Game-player
    You are an aggressive powerful warrior who loves to make bold attacks on your opponents. You get a lot enjoyment out of the game, but you want more than just to play for fun. Your aim is to compete and you compete to win. Your focus is locked onto your game. You build decks that bring you victory. You don't waste your time messing about with experimental or weird combinations - you want the deck that's going to help you win. That means picking the right cards and using them the right way. You're quite prepared to get the basic structure for your deck from somebody else - the important thing isn't where it comes from, it's the performance you get out of it that counts.

    You'd prefer to take a conservative approach rather than throwing caution to the wind on something that might not work. You don't want to risk the advantage that you've spent a lot of time and effort building up. Your aggression is very controlled and measured. You like to wear your opponent down in a war of attrition. If it takes a while to seize the victory then so be it, as far as you're concerned it will be all the sweeter in the end. Drafting doesn't rock your world, but it doesn't bring it crashing down either. If the right cards come up, you'll do well.

    We say: We like your style. You focus on the game and you take it by the scruff of the neck. You work out an aggressive strategy and you see it through to the end. Plenty of warriors in history have done well by coming up with a smart strategy and wrong-footing their enemy with it. You do this to good effect, but the very best are the ones who can change tactics in the middle of the fight ( and not just by ordering a retreat ). Build in that flexibility and you'll be formidable.

  5. I got Samurai, but I don't think it fits totally.