Monday, March 3, 2014

Great Moments in YouTube Comment History

In this edition of Great Moments in YouTube Comment History, I take you back to a mere few hours ago, when a glorious YouTuber made this post on a CNN news story about the death of Harold Ramis. Finally, the world will know the true story!

Harold Ramis' legacy also included ripping off my idea for a comedy about a man who gets himself cloned. In 1994, I sent Ramis a 20 page outline for a proposed screenplay I offered to write for him for a small fee. My story was called CLONED but Ramis had his secretary from Greenlight Productions phone me to say he was not interested in directing a film about a man who gets cloned. But in 1996, less than two years later, Ramis released Multiplicity with Michael Keaton, a comedy about a man who gets cloned. It was a stupid, idiotic film with no laughs in it. There was nothing funny about it at all. It bombed at the box office and Ramis looked like a gerk for making it. Had he dealt fairly with me and paid me a salary and given me story credit, I would've written a clever and funny script for him but instead, Harold Ramis elected to rip me off by rejecting my 20 page outline and then going ahead and making the movie anyway. He's dead and off the earth now? I won't miss him. I wonder how many other writers he ripped off besides me. I despise what he did to me.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea what a gerk Harold Ramis was.