Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Should Probably Do Something Constructive... Oops SKYRIM!

As you all may have heard I'm really getting into Vinyl Records now.  I'm trying to build a respectable collection of records to add to our already schweet 60's - 70's era collection.  I currently only have Arcade Fire's Funeral for new stuff but I'm trying to get a couple new albums.  Below is my list of possibles.  I'm getting 2 albums.  My taste in music varies over time but vinyl is forever so I need to pick a couple solid items.  Wanted to see what you guys would pick because I can't narrow it down.  If there's any awesome possibilities I'm forgetting feel free to let me know.  List:

Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway
Spoon - Girls Can Tell
Frightened Rabbit - Midnight Organ Fight
Broken Social Scene - You forgot in people
Blink 182 - Blink 182
Archers of Loaf - White Trash Heroes
Foo Fighters - The Color And The Shape
Bon Iver - For Emma
Nirvana - Nevermind
U2 - Joshua Tree
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

Also the kitty keeps taking the one ring off the monkey puppet's hand and walking around with it in his mouth.  Is this why he's so fucking crazy?


  1. Ok so I did a little research and half of these are like out of print and 300$ or not ever made in vinyl. So I guess I'm looking for newer (up to 2-3 years old) albums.

  2. I should also say, I want my fucking nuggets.

  3. Damn, I was thinking Sun Kil Moon would be one of the best ones to get. Nevermind would be cool to have. I'm not even sure what the good albums have been released recently.

  4. I looked around and found some people selling the Sun Kil Moon album for about $150. That's still pretty expensive, but better than $300.

  5. Yeah 150 is still pretty steep. Imagine how much delicious sushi that would buy... I guess this is really a matter of what I like best I was thinking but I'll try not to buy something no one but me will like. (cough cough Godspeed cough)

  6. What about Weezer by Weezer? or the National? or My Morning Jacket? The Gaslight Anthem?

    And you should really take the one ring away from the cat, unless you could get him to wear it and be invisible so he could walk around the downstairs without lulu seeing him. Just don't trip over him as you are walking down the stairs because then you would die and have to reload.

  7. I would say you should get some boss and archers of loaf, but those are just my personal preferences. Also, get that ring away from the cat. It's my fucking ring. It's mine damnit. I'm not taking it to Mordor, no. That fudgepacker Sauron can't have it.

  8. What I ended up getting:

    Muchacho by Phosphorescent, Joshua Tree, White Trash Heroes