Friday, May 10, 2013

TŠIF - Thank Šamaš it's Friday

Here are some thoughts/experiences, which I've recently had:

Yesterday, while walking home Veronica and I passed a woman yelling into her phone, "When you die it's not all unicorns and rainbows..." Her volume was set to 11.

We should start a band that only plays in slow motion, at least in our rocking music videos.

I want to make a Minecraft scale model of the city of Ugarit, although maybe something like Carchemish or maybe a Neo-Assyrian palace. Whose up to join me in what will inevitably be hours and hours of hard, thankless labor for no real good reason?

By the way, new banner…now I'm hungry.

Here's something I was reading for my Akkadian class. It is a liver omen. So if you kill a sheep and look at it's liver and see the following, you'll know what to do.

BE IGI.BAR ki-ma BAD-ma u3 ši-lum i-na ŠA3-ša na-di aš-ša-at LU2 i-ni-a-ak-ma mu-sa3 i-ṣa-ba-as-si2-i-ma i-da-ak-ši
If the naplastum-mark is like the BAD sign and a perforation is situated at its heart, the wife of a man will have illicit intercourse and her husband will seize her and he will kill her.
By the way the BAD sign is the Sumerian name for the sign and represents the Sumerian pronunciation of the logogram, but it doesn't have any connection to the english word "bad."


  1. Good to see you made it through your exams in one piece. Or are you still taking them/is this blog post part of the exam?

    "The BAD Sign" and it's meaning sounds like a Michael Jackson song to me for some reason.

    Also, hours of thankless labor for no good reason? I'm in! What the heck else do I have to do besides listen to Rush Radio?

  2. I still have exams :(
    But I'm getting closer. I have one more take-home exam and then a paper to write. Then sometime during the summer another paper to write, although this one is not exam related.

    If you're so willing to sign up for hours of thankless labor, you might make a good graduate student.

    I didn't pick up on a Michael Jackson vibe, but now that you've said it, it is appealing.