Friday, May 10, 2013


Name: Undecided
Gender: Unknown
Stats: 18/00 Strength, 19 Agility, 9 Constitution, 5 Intelligence, 4 Wisdom, 24 Charisma
Class: Cat
Schooling: Leesville Rd High School Parking Lot Class of 2013
Interests: Hackie Sack, Eating Kibble, Attacking Shoes, Running Around In Circles For No Apparent Reason
Special Abilities: ADHD, Slash Attack, Bite Attack
Favorite Movie: Life of Pi


  1. That's a super cute cat. Keep me updated on the name situation. What, if any, are the integration plans with the dogs. I imagine Lulu could take the new cat in one bite.

    Just remember cats keep diaries:

  2. The kitty has yet to meet Lulu though it has met Muffin which was a super cute encounter. My dad keeps joking that we should name it lunch. We'll probably keep them separated though but I already can tell Muffin and the cat are going to be BFFs

  3. I am super excited about this kitty. I still am pushing for Waffles for the name. The kids have the majority vote, we can make this happen if we stand unified! This kitty will live her life honoring the great gastrointestinal tradition that is breakfast. Do it for Junior!

    An important question: On a scales of Inky to Tiger, how hardcore is this kitty?

  4. I agree with you on Waffles (Waafles?) We'll have to make a powerpoint presentation about why we should name it waffles.

    Oh man this cat is extremely hardcore. Perhaps the most hardcore kitty I've ever met. It is near impossible to walk around when its there since it lunges at your feet whenever you take a step. I had to move my cacti because it wouldn't stop trying to gnaw upon them. It is constantly running around in circles and attacking things. I've been watching movies and it'll be asleep on your lap and then suddenly out of no where it'll attack you in the face.

  5. My vote would be for Waafles. That cat does sound hardcore. It doesn't give a shit about thorns. Just don't let it get a driver's license for a motorcycle or it will be out of control.

  6. Wow, the force is strong with this one. I think we need to get Chris over to do some samurai training for her. With this kitty on our side we will surely be able to defeat Carthage in the upcoming Punic wars!