Sunday, January 20, 2013

Welcome To Bill Laimbeer Theme Week

Welcome to Bill Laimbeer Theme Week!

Who is Bill Laimbeer, you ask?

Here are some Bill Laimbeer game facts.  He is the basketball league's best player.  He scored very many basketballs and therefore is the most valuable draft pick of the year.  Without him the basketballs don't fly as far through the air to score the winning goal.  No goal player could ever score with Bill Laimbeer.  He also was a successful video game manufacturer.

If Bill Laimbeer comes to my house to kick my ass I'm blaming you Phil.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, do my eyes deceive me?!? Only in my darkest pipe dreams would I have imagined that I would once again see Bill Laimbeer grace the pages of the internet and on our very own blog no less. O glorious Robot God, I am now ready for the day when you turn all humans into identical looking machines and force us to play a game of basketball without yet understanding how to work our new robot bodies!!!