Monday, May 7, 2012

Lame or Whatever

I'm not sure if these cards would make our commander games less fun, so I'm putting it up to you guys. Are these cards pains in the ass or powerful, but fair? Should I include Breath of Fury in my kiki-jiki deck and make it start doing stupid infinite, yet fragile combos? Do Vorinclex and Jin-Gitaxias just bring the game to a screeching halt in my mimeoplasm deck? You decide before Batman comes to your house and makes you decide?


  1. My 2 cents, in order of least offensiveness:
    Breath of Fury is pretty fragile in that you need someone not to kill your creature, the enchantment, and then the creature you attack with has to deal combat damage. It can and will work sometimes, but I don't think it's an instant-win. If it was in a deck with a shit ton of unblockables + tutors and that's what you did every game...then I'd have a problem. But I think in Kiki-jiki it should be alright. If you find yourself upside down in a toilet after playing it...then you can be sure that opinions have changed.

    Jin-Gitaxias - I would say in the Mimeoplasm deck, it shouldn't be so bad, as you don't have to discard right away. You've got until your turn to try and figure something out. If you can't...well that sucks, but someone at the table should be able to do something.

    Vorinclex - blergh. Using it with the Mimeoplasm is potentially less annoying than having it as your commander...that said I might have to kick you square in the nuts if I see this. I'd say the problem with him is that he more immediately impacts your ability to deal with him.

    That said, I think you can lump Jin and Vorinclex together as cards that aggressively annoy your opponents (all the praetors do this to greater or lesser degrees). I'm not sure it ends the fun or anything, but you the mimeoplasm might not live long. Then again you could ignore everything I say, as I am building a Damia infect deck, which, although under powered, is still probably annoying.

  2. I'd say that you should play them but don't be surprised if you see me break the space bar again. Me and Tommy will just have to be able to update our decks this summer. I'm thinking that I'm going to need to up my game and put the Graveyard Removal back into all of my decks.