Saturday, November 19, 2011

Youtube Post Rock Comments

  • This would be the most life changing experience if it was played to a nature video. Even thought it's already life changing.
  • Poppy flowers are beautiflul - just as beautiful as this composition.
  • The second that first note played of the song, My heart sunk, sunk with joy. but then it floated back up and is drifting in the ocean, humming the melody of this song. Because it's just so amazing.
  • Ambiance and beauty; loudness, the lack thereof, and space; continuity to your soul, led by an open road of emotions coated lightly with gentleness; the fading of forgetfulness and worldly clamor; the beginning of now.
  • This is the music I have come so far to conquer, to explore, and to find the deep, never-ending spiritual connection that is me to this world. Hammock has found a gateway to this, and for that I am thankful.
  • I was listening to this yesterday, and i accidentally opened the same song in another tab, it started about 20 seconds after the first one. The effect was so beautiful. This sond in itself is just amazing but that double effect kind of blew my mind in a completely different way. Try it. It's like teh differnce between a simple cup of sweet delicious tea and a rich cup of milk tea.
  • Ya know a song is music with words. This piece doesn't have any

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  1. Music is the beauty of the soul and the earth coming together like a rose pedal in a sewer drain. I'm so high right now and eating a turkey sandwich and music is the cheese.